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Once upon a time……

Automatic exchange of information – Banking secrecy

Since the entry into force of Automatic Exchange of Information (Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) in 2016, tax authorities have agreed to exchange tax information on a transnational basis. Account data from companies and private individuals are now reported across the EU with all relevant data such as names, balances, dividends and proceeds. Hiding such an account is therefore almost impossible.


Offshore company –reloaded

If an account is opened via an offshore company, the company is the legal owner. The offshore company, in turn, can benefit from tax advantages in the offshore countries such as Malta.
As a result, the holder of the account has to pay correspondingly low taxes or may be exempt from taxes on income or interest income.


Malta Offshore Account

There are many offers to open a bank account abroad, but you should make sure that the bank you choose is trustworthy when you open an account. After all, you must be able to rely on your bank!
The size and stability of a bank are the index for the trustworthiness of a bank.
In the case of small banks based on exotic islands, it is advisable to check in detail whether they are trustworthy or not.


Opening a Maltese bank account with the support of Malta-company. com™ experts


At Malta-firma. com™ you can choose from a large number of banks. We will gladly provide you with recommendations on secure banking connections in Malta or other countries (e. g. Cyprus, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,…). Due to our many years of experience in the industry, we have an extensive network of contacts with banks. All the international banks we have worked with for many years meet all our security, anonymity and accessibility requirements.

We can offer you the opening of a company account at low prices.
As a rule, when a discrete account is opened, a higher amount is required as security. Due to our excellent contacts, there may only be a fair fee for the performance of the banks, depending on the country.
We support private individuals and companies in opening accounts.

As already mentioned, it violates the legal provisions in your home country if private individuals’ anonymous accounts with the tax authorities will not be disclosed.

We also offer a professional and uncomplicated solution for this situation:

Malta or offshore company, business account in Malta with e-banking and Mastercard.


Your advantages at Malta-firma. com™

  • Bank of your trust, which respects your privacy, maintaining banking secrecy
  • 100% anonymous bank account
  • easy account management
  • Mastercard (uncomplicated access)
  • no obligation to provide information
  • Accounts with multi-currency capability

On an international level, such a company account opens up many possibilities.
Malta-firma. com™ always strives for a fast settlement of the account opening.
Contact the Malta-firma. com™ team on the subject of “Anonymous Bank Account” or “Malta Business Incorporation” without obligation. We will be happy to help you.


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