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Why set up a company in Malta?

ITC (International Trading Company)

The standard taxation of an ITC or trading company in Malta traditionally provides for taxation of more than 30%. However, it is possible to be assessed as an ITC (International Trading Company) or trading company with only 4.25% tax. Keyword Holding. Licenses and patents are not taxed at all.

… and how much tax do you currently pay?

If you decide to set up a business in Malta, you can benefit from a significant tax reduction of up to 95% and many other advantages.


Further advantages of a Malta company:

  • discreet and anonymous action
  • avoidance of liability risks
  • anonymous bank account incl. e-banking and credit card
  • favourable legal environment for projects
  • lower administration costs
  • lucrative businesses can be developed with licences

In comparison to other countries, such as Austria or Germany, the legal and tax regulations in Malta are considerably less complicated. Another plus point is that you pay significantly less tax on Malta.

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